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Is your home’s exterior covered in stains, making you embarrassed about its appearance? Or have you gotten a letter from your Home Owner’s Association that you need to get it cleaned? ZAP Cleaning covers all of your exterior cleaning — needs both residential and commercial. If you want a clean exterior without doing the hard work, we’re the team for you. We provide reasonable pricing, and you’ll find that our crew is professional and punctual. We stand by our work only provide our customers with the best cleaning service and customer experience. Our quality shines through with our multiple repeat clients — and you can see what they are saying on our verified reviews page

Here’s how it works: We offer accurate estimates, and you can get your estimate within 24 hours by clicking our “Request Estimate” button. Larger companies tend to send out estimates that end up costing more in the long run — but not us, we give estimates as promised and on-time! When it’s time for your project, you’ll find our crew professional, on-time, and available to help answer any questions. And when we’re done, we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied... or we’ll give you a full refund.

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Window Cleaning

Most homeowners think that they’re doing enough to clean their windows. Usually, the exterior sides of the windows are neglected. This is especially the case for windows that are too high up or in hard to reach spaces. One of the benefits of hiring someone to clean your windows for you is that they have the necessary experience and techniques to do it well. Additionally, they have access to all of the equipment they might need. You don’t have to go out and buy special cleaners, rags, and ladders. When you hire a professional instead of doing it yourself, you won’t have to climb up on a ladder and risk an injury. 

At ZAP Cleaning, we have a team of professionals who are experienced in cleaning both residential and commercial windows. We use a de-ionized water solution, allowing us to clean your windows with 99% pure water — meaning your windows will be spot free. And with our water fed pole system, we’re able to clean your windows in hard to reach areas in half the time.

Having your windows cleaned will make your property look new again. This will help if you’re selling your house or if you’re just wanting to do general maintenance. If you have a business, you want to make sure that your location is looking its best to keep the customers or clients coming in. Window cleaning can be done efficiently by our professionals who know exactly what to do to make your windows sparkle

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"Zach washed our home today and all I can say is how impressed I am. The stucco looks brand new and all the mold is gone from our tiled roof. Sometime you don’t realize how bad it looks until it looks better! Wish I had done it sooner. Zach was on time, prices were where they should be and his professionalism from quote to invoice was great. Thanks Zach! We’ll be keeping this up with you in the future!"
Anne W, Sarasota FL
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Pressure Washing

Outdoor cleaning can be time consuming. Plus, it’s challenging to find the time to do it all before it gets too unmanageable. Some of these tasks can be dangerous without proper experience and equipment. Additionally, it can be hard to find all of the necessary materials without breaking the bank.

With our power washing and soft washing services, we can make just about any material look brand-new! We can power wash concrete, cement, asphalt, metal, and more — and with our soft washing services, we can clean more delicate materials such as brick, stucco, and even some types of glass. We use truck-mounted, industrial-sized power washing equipment to deliver powerful results and a quick project turnaround. You can trust us to clean your home or business with a professional attitude — and deliver exceptional results. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we pledge to make things right.

We also offer concrete cleaning and restoration services to commercial clients. Using powerful pressure washing tools and advanced cleaning compounds, we can clean even the most stained, soiled concrete — making it look totally brand new! And because we’re fully insured, you have total peace of mind while working with us. Even in the rare event that something goes wrong, you’re covered.

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"ZAP tackled a really tough job cleaning all 24 windows in our new build on Keowee (many still had paint overspray). ZAP was able to climb up to our highest windows on our steep slope. ZAP was on time, thorough and re-worked the estimate for us before he got started. I highly recommend ZAP for window washing!"
Rachele M, Sarasota FL
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House Washing

It’s important to keep your house well-taken care of, especially from the outside. The outside of your home can easily become neglected. This can cause problems when you’re trying to sell your property. Over time, the siding of your home can develop unsightly algae that can also shorten its life. Professional general maintenance will prevent this —  and can save you money in the long run.  

The best way to clean your home is by using our soft washing. Soft washing washes the surface without causing damage because it’s gentle. By using our method, cleaning your home won’t remove any paint. Our cleaning solutions are created with your particular home in mind. Each unique home needs to be washed in a different way. Before the cleaning begins, we apply the solution onto your house. Our solutions aren’t harsh, so they can sit on the surface for a while without causing damage.

By hiring our professionals to clean the exterior of your house, you will be able to help it to look its best. This will also help you as a homeowner to make time for the rest of the chores on your list. ZAP Cleaning can take care of this for you — and leave you with a beautiful home. You won’t have to worry about making the time or finding the right materials. Our team has the experience and everything they need to get the job done well!

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"Zach did an excellent job on our home, driveway and walkway! It looks brand new. On-time, courteous and extremely fair pricing. We highly recommend him and will continue to use Zap Cleaning!"
Caroline B, Sarasota FL
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Professional Gutter Cleaning

Zap away debris from your gutters so they can do their job correctly!

It is common for leaves, sticks, and other debris to land in your gutters. Whether they happen upon them due to the weather or because of animals dropping things in them, if you haven't had your gutters cleaned in a long time, there will likely be some things there. The trouble is, clogged gutters can become a big problem if they are left untouched. Leaves and debris continue to build up over time until, eventually, the rainwater no longer has a smooth route to travel through to your downspouts. As a result, this can cause blockages and overflowing, which could damage your gutters and roof. Therefore, we recommend having your gutters cleaned professionally to help maintain them and keep the water flowing smoothly down them.

At Zap Cleaning, we provide dependable gutter cleaning in Sarasota. Our team carefully cleans your gutters by hand, removing debris and ensuring that we don't miss anything. If your downspouts are clogged, we will also flush them properly to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Leaves in gutter


"We had Zap Cleaning do a complete house, windows and driveway / sidewalk cleaning and the results were fantastic. Zach showed up at the agreed time, started right away and never stopped until the job was completed. We are putting our house on the market and after Zap worked their magic, it looks brand new. Highly recommend!"
Jeff T, Sarasota FL
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Why Sarasota FL Trusts ZAP Cleaning

ZAP Cleaning is a locally-owned and operated, insured cleaning company that specializes in window cleaning, pressure washing, house washing, and roof cleaning. We offer our professional services to Sarasota and surrounding cities in Florida. We will get rid of the mildew, grime, algae and other unsightly elements from your house, concrete surfaces, and roofs. More than anything else, we want to see the smile on your face after we show you how your property SHOULD look — clean and stain-free! But don’t take it from us... see for yourself on our project showroom or read what your neighbors are saying

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with ALL of our services. If you aren’t happy with your service, we will give you your money back. We also have a rain guarantee that no other company offers in the Sarasota area. After we clean your windows, if it rains within 48 hours, we offer a “rain touch up” — at no additional cost to you!
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