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Pressure Washing Osprey

Pressure Washing Osprey


Power Washed Residential & Commercial

Parking Garage Cleaning
Whether it’s a downtown public parking garage, a hospital or museum garage or a private condominium garage, we’ve all seen how quickly they can become filthy and undesirable. Zap Cleaning has clients in all of these categories.

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Sidewalk Cleaning
The build-up of dirt and dust, sidewalks are constantly subject to staining by spilled soda, coffee, melting ice cream, leaking garbage cans and gum. The longer these stains are allowed to sit there, the more difficult they will be to remove later.

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Graffiti Removal
Vandalism is an ongoing problem in both urban and suburban environments. Nothing makes this concern more clear than the constant appearance of graffiti on building walls everywhere you look.
Exterior Home Cleaning
No matter what your home’s construction consists of, the exterior surface areas will begin to accumulate soil, algae or other natural substances. Any material from brick to vinyl siding to stucco can and should be cleaned.
Facade Cleaning
When considering your options for facade cleaning, know that pressure washing offers a safe and non-abrasive solution to washing many of your building’s exterior surface areas.

Warehouse Cleaning
Warehouses and storage facilities have unique cleaning needs. The enclosed spaces and lack of drainage require special equipment and experienced professionals to ensure your facility is cleaned throughly as well as safely.

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Handling all the details
Power Washing & Property Maintenance Services
Time can take its toll on any property’s outward appearance, whether it is an office building, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, or other structure. Dirt gathers, surfaces weather, and storms take their toll. The deterioration takes place over time, but before too long, the unsightly conditions will start to convey lasting impressions about the businesses and people that occupy the buildings, even before visitors set foot in the door. Our pressure washing and property maintenance services can come to the rescue!

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Fortunately, a cost-effective and lasting solution is at hand
Zap Cleaning will review your cleaning needs and develop a comprehensive proposal to power wash and thoroughly clean the building to your complete satisfaction. Our staff has many years of experience in using the best equipment. In addition, Zap Cleaning is constantly evaluating new products and equipment that will make our already superior services even better.
Handling all the details
We will also consult with property owners, maintenance staff, and facility managers to ensure that the cleaning is undertaken in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible. At times, tenants need to be informed about the impact of the cleaning of residential or business operations, traffic might have to be redirected, safety precautions undertaken, and working hours discussed. We will provide those involved with professional and friendly service.

We have programs that will provide regular maintenance so your building will always look clean and inviting.

We know that our satisfied customers are our road to future success. We guarantee all our work and strive to exceed your expectations. Call us at (941) 404-0423 today for an affordable quote.